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Video: A Nutritional Approach to Alzheimer's Disease by Steve Blake. Learn to lower your risk of this dementia. Find out which two nutrients are crucial for lowering the buildup of amyloid plaques. Avoid Advanced Glycation Endproducts, a major cause of Alzheimer's disease. Which supplements and medical plants are effective in reducing the risk and progression? Preview the video


Aloha Sauces Cooking Video by Catherine Blake. In this delightful video you will see how easy it is to make quick and delicious sauces to make any meal complete. Walnut Salad Dressing, Superfood Salad Dressing, and Bananasauce are just a few of the treats in store for you. Learn yummy sauces to go with any meal! Colorful whole foods, plant-based meals are good for you. Best Friends Recipe makes everything better! Preview the Video


Video: Defensive Medicine by Steve Blake This video is an intriguing look at how our medical system can be enlarged. Engaging and informative speaker Steve Blake shows you how to increase disease resistance. It is easy to reduce your risk of disease and become vibrantly healthy. In this movie, you will learn how to prevent health problems from infections to heart disease. There is a deeper diagnosis that looks at life habits that preceed disease. Preview the video

Video: Figuring Out Fats by Steve Blake The fats and oils in your food are vitally important for your health. Learn which foods contain trans fats and how they can hurt your health. Which oils are best for cooking? Are fish oils necessary and are they safe? Is coconut oil healthful? Find out how industry processes food into oils and learn which nutrients disappear. The right balance of essential fatty acids can reduce inflammation and pain. Preview the video


Video: Healthy Hearts, How NOT to get a Heart Attack by Steve Blake Reduce your risk of a heart attack. Learn how to reverse heart and artery disease. See how antioxidants in fruits & vegetables help. Learn how to lower your blood cholesterol. Become “Heart Attack Proof”. This video shows common sources of saturated fats and how to avoid them. Preview the video


Video: Nutrition for Immune Power by Steve Blake. Food choices can boost our resistance to cancer and infections. Which foods are highest in antioxidants? Which supplements lower immune power? Find out more about dietary fats and autoimmune problems. Antioxidants made in your body include superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and coenzyme Q-10. Preview the video


Video: Perfect Food by Steve Blake A zoological exploration of our perfect diet. Compare people to different animals. Are we carnivores, omnivores, or vegetarians? This video shows how to get perfect protein, perfect fiber, and perfect digestion. It explores the parts of animals from teeth to toes. Preview the video



Video: Choosing Supplements Wisely by Steve Blake. This video will show you how to get most of your nutrients from food. You will see the foods highest in each nutrient. If you need supplementation, which forms of vitamins & minerals are best? Learn how to choose a multivitamin. Based upon his college textbook written for McGraw-Hill. Preview the video


Video: Vitamins and Minerals Demystified by Dr. Steve Blake, ScD
This movie will introduce you to how vitamins and minerals work in the body. You will learn which foods are rich in these micronutrients. Dr. Blake will show you how to make sure you are getting these vital nutrients. Based upon his college textbook written for McGraw-Hill. Preview the video