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the Herb Doctors

NEW the Herb Doctors
See where Herb Doctors from 54 countries agree
With 40,000 new facts added in 2010!
by Steve Blake, ScD, MH, Registered Herbalist, AHG

One of the World’s Largest Databases of Natural Remedies!
Comprehensive and easy to find Natural Health Information.

See How It Looks

Herb Doctors home screen

Below we see the new Multiple Keyword Search in action looking up natural solutions for cough and fever:

Herb Doctors cough fever screen

Note that it is easy to see for which conditions Echinacea is most used:

Herb Doctors echinacea screen

Those numbers in parenthesis represent the number of agreeing references. They are all backed up with exact footnotes in standard bibliographic format:

Herb Doctors reference screen

This is a huge database of herbal and natural information used by dieticians and natural health authors.