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Parkinson's disease cookbookParkinson's Disease Cookbook

Delicious Recipes for Better Movement and to Slow Progression

Catherine Blake, BA, BD



February 2016

"This cookbook helped us improve movement with delicious recipes that are really working!"

      $9.95 to download the entire 84 page PDF book. Your comments are welcome.


      $30 + $7 shipping to have the physical book mailed to you. Your comments are welcome.


      Introduction to the Book:
      When we hear the words Parkinson’s disease we often don’t think of ways to improve the condition. With Parkinson’s disease, by the time it has been diagnosed, much of the dopamine-producing capacity has already been lost, and perhaps half of the dopamine-producing cells are destroyed. We are looking at ways to preserve the remaining dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra portion of the brain. We also will explore ways to optimize the performance of the remaining dopamine-producing cells. We want to hold our gains for as long as we can.
      Levodopa therapy is helpful in allaying the movement disorders that are the signature feature of this disease, but the levodopa therapy starts to become less effective over time and does not protect the brain cells from the loss of more dopamine cells. Our goal now is to protect the dopamine-producing cells. In this cookbook I will explain some of the reasons why targeted nutrition can help. I will share recipes that are easy to make and delicious. With this recipe book and explanations you will have easy access to knowing how to create foods that are beneficial for your health, and you will have informed choices when ordering out at restaurants.
      This is not meant to be an exhaustive explanation of Parkinson’s disease, rather it is a supportive recipe book for you to browse through and enjoy. While you are enjoying the book you will learn how to improve your chances of protecting your dopamine-producing cells.
      Best of health and Blessings to you in the kitchen and in all your endeavors.
      Catherine Blake

      About the author: Televised nutrition educator Catherine Blake, BA, BD, has been studying the role of nutrition and health for 40 years. A graduate of Skidmore College, she follows continuing education and earned a certificate in micro nutrition and is certified in plant-based nutrition form Cornell. Catherine has edited many texts on nutrition and health and has published two cookbooks and three videos of her own. Her expertise lies in bringing nutritional information home to the kitchen. Catherine lectures widely and has taught classes at UH Maui, and in California, New York, and elsewhere. Catherine earned a Bachelor of Divinity in 2006. Catherine is a nutrition educator at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience along with her husband, Steve Blake.
      To contact Catherine Blake email:

      Sample Recipe:

      Presto Pesto

      Try growing basil in a pot on your windowsill!

      1 cup fresh basil
      ½  cup cashews
      2 cloves garlic
      1 cup water
      Pinch of salt and pepper

      Blend and serve. I omit the parmesan and I add a bit more garlic instead. I omit the olive oil and use whole nuts in dressings for the healthy fiber. I find that the nuts provide enough oils and the water enough liquid. Otherwise it is just too oily, and not very healthy. Serve with pasta, steamed vegetables or salad. Basil is high in Vitamin K. with calcium and iron.  Protein for whole recipe, 2 grams.