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Mastering MigrainesMastering Migraines:

Prevention & Relief

Steve Blake, ScD



December 2016

"This book has helped me so much. There are so many ways outlined to help my migraine misery!"

      $9.95 to download the entire 157 page PDF book. Your comments are welcome.

      Please see below for the table of contents.

      Table of Contents

      Table of Contents           
      Table of Figures              
      About migraines: Chapter One 
      Rating migraine pain and disability           
      Migraine aura   
      Prevalence of migraines              
      Drugs used for migraines             
      Migraine triggers             
      How migraines happen: Chapter Two   
      Excitability of the brain 
      Magnesium and brain excitability            
      Spreading cortical depolarization             
      Serotonin and migraines              
      Neuropeptides and migraine pain           
      Menstrual migraines     
      How migraines happen
      Four migraine phases: Chapter Three   
      Four phases of a migraine           
      The migraine aura           
      Migraine pain   
      The hangover phase      
      Triggers for migraines: Chapter Four     
      Your list of migraine triggers       
      Sleep and migraines      
      A diet diary for migraines            
      Non-food triggers           
      Odors that can trigger migraines              
      Skipped meals can double migraines      
      Obesity and migraine risk            
      Common dietary triggers: Chapter Five
      Tracking common food triggers
      Elimination diets              
      A vegan elimination diet              
      Histamine as a migraine trigger 
      Tyramine as a migraine trigger  
      Aspartame may be a migraine trigger    
      MSG can trigger migraines          
      Nitrates and migraines 
      Red wine and migraines               
      Caffeine and migraines
      Comparing migraine food triggers           
      Stress and migraines: Chapter Six           
      Fight and flight 
      Hurry up             
      Have another cup of coffee       
      Telephone strain             
      Road rage           
      Bad news           
      Television trauma           
      Dealing with stress         
      Relaxation training         
      Inflammation and migraines: Chapter Seven     
      Food for reducing migraine pain and inflammation          
      Dietary changes are powerful   
      Inflammation and omega-s        
      Omega-s in diets             
      Fish oil 
      Effects of omega-s on arterial constriction           
      Endotoxins and migraine inflammation 
      Cruciferous vegetables to quench inflammation               
      Quercetin quenches migraine inflammation       
      Migraine solutions: Chapter Eight          
      Ginger versus sumatriptan         
      Lavender for migraines
      Magnesium for migraines           
      Flavonoids that block excess excitation 
      Riboflavin, vitamin B      
      Coenzyme Q     
      Alpha-Lipoic acid and migraines
      Feverfew and migraines              
      Butterbur and migraines              
      Tiger balm          
      Vitamin C drink
      Alternative Migraine Remedies: Chapter Nine 
      Acupuncture for migraine           
      Massage for migraines 
      Aerobic exercise and migraines
      Yoga and migraines        
      Using biofeedback for migraines              
      Skin temperature biofeedback 
      Blood-volume-pulse biofeedback           
      Electromyography biofeedback
      Home migraine remedies            
      Mastering Migraines: Chapter Ten         
      Learn your triggers         
      Preventive measures    
      Inflammation control    
      Learn the warning signs               
      Stress control   
      Natural approaches       
      The drug plan   
      Good luck           

      Table of Figures
      Figure  Migraines are  times as frequent in some places
      Figure  Nerve triggering              
      Figure  How migraines happen flow chart           
      Figure  How migraines happen flow chart           
      Figure  Estrogen drops after ovulation  
      Figure  Histamine in food            
      Figure  How NSAID pain killers work      
      Figure  Inflammation, EPA, and Arachidonic acid              
      Figure  Arachidonic acid               
      Figure  Omega-s increase inflammation while Omega-s decrease it.       
      Figure  Omega-s in oils and their Omega- to Omega- ratio           
      Figure  Flax seed powder and popular diets